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How to Skin a Deer with a 4-Wheeler: Use Your Horsepower

This guy has the right idea. With a little patience, he skins a deer with a 4-wheeler. 

Here’s an interesting look at one man’s method of skinning a deer. The old saying “work smarter, not harder” was never more evident than in this footage.

While this has certainly been done before it still takes a bit of patience and a soft touch on the throttle. Here’s how it’s done.

Caution: Graphic footage of a deer being skinned

You’ll notice that when the hide gets nearly off of the front legs, he slows it down and uses a little more finesse with the machine. A heavy hand here might break the grip of the rope he’s using, and then you’ll be starting over again.

At the end he just lets the weight of the ATV do the rest. That hide came off like your t-shirt after work! Butchering your own animal is an excellent choice and one that I hope all hunters try at some point in their life.

Letting your machine help you to do some of the work is a great idea whose time has come!



How to Skin a Deer With a Golf Ball, a Pickup Truck, and Ingenuity

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How to Skin a Deer with a 4-Wheeler: Use Your Horsepower