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6 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Date a Sportsman

Girls, you don’t know what you’re missing.


We know it’s not always easy to find the right guy. You want someone strong, protective (but not overly), smart, funny, adventurous, and hopefully good-looking. Someone well-rounded, who you can continue to learn and grow with as the years go by. We know ladies, we know. And while it may not seem like it on the surface, men who enjoy outdoor activities, namely hunting and fishing, could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Being a juiced-up body builder doesn’t make you a man. A real man faces Mother Nature head on, lives in the wild, and understands his prey. Human beings used to rely on hunting and fishing as some of their primary sources of food and clothing, but nowadays, people take for granted the valuable tools and skill-sets they can develop by enjoying a good hunting or fishing trip.

So ladies, if you want to find yourself a real man, just find a handsome hunter and/or fisherman.

View the list below to see the 6 best reasons to date a sportsman.

1. The coolness factor

Image via supernatural

First off, guys who dress in camouflage or fishing wear, equipped with a shotgun or fishing rod, and go after big game are just straight cool. They can share with you interesting stories of the hunt, the thrill of the chase, and the delicious meal that may have followed. They’re immediately equipped with a unique skill-set most other guys just can’t relate to that’s sure to make any woman swoon.

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2. Excellent survival instincts

Image via NWTF

Hunters and fishermen have the uncanny ability to pull themselves out of sticky situations. Should you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being lost, being with someone with good survival skills could mean the difference between dying and getting rescued.

Getting lost in the woods with a Wall Street fella, who’s never touched a compass and has no way to protect himself, could potentially lead to a disastrous situation. But having a man who’s well-versed in the methods of finding food and surviving the elements will ensure you’re safe and well taken care of.

3. Dedication

Image via isabella.lqhome

A woman wants her man to be devoted, someone who won’t just give up and quit when things get tough. A hunter and/or fisherman knows the value of dedication.

Stalking your prey or finding the right fishing hole could be an extremely arduous process, but sticking it out makes it all worthwhile in the end, even it if takes a few times. The same can be said about a healthy, loving relationship.

4. Fearless

Image via blucoreshootingcenter

In the wild, many thing can unexpectedly go wrong. But an experienced hunter/fisherman knows that staying calm and thinking rationally is the best option. The modern hunters and fisherman are today’s knights in shining armor and will surely rescue you, should you need it.

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5. Great shape

Image via darkroom

Reeling in a 50-pound tuna takes a lot of effort. You’re in that fighting chair, reeling for your life. Anyone who’s not in good shape knows it’s truly a battle.

Avid hunters and fishers probably won’t strut their stuff at the gym, but while they’re holding the huge day’s catch for the photo, you’ll notice their sweaty muscles glistening in the midday sun. Hubba-hubba.

6. Good with their hands

Ladies, if you’re still not convinced, consider this final point. These guys know how to use their hands for things other than typing or hitting the button on a remote.

They’re out there, in the dirt, dealing with bait and chum, and must make precise movements and adjustments in order to harvest their prey. They’re expert craftsman, which translates to other things…

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6 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Date a Sportsman