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How to Shuck Oysters: Advice from a World Record Champion


Wouldn’t you rather learn how to easily shuck oysters like a pro and avoid possibly stabbing yourself in the hand?

Watching someone shuck oysters with practically no effort is mesmerizing. For those of us who have attempted shucking oysters without a good instructor, you know how frustrating this task can be.

Watch Shucker Paddy below as he teaches you how easy it is to shuck an oyster.

For those wondering who Shucker Paddy is, he just so happens to be a Guinness World Record holder for opening 38 oysters in under one minute, so he knows a few things about shucking lot’s of oysters, fast.

Having the right type of knife and technique when opening up a bushel of oysters will allow you to open up dozens with ease and keep your hands cut free. That awesome pistol grip knife that Shucker Paddy uses to open up oysters in the video is actually his own unique creation, which he uses on a daily basis.

It’s specifically designed to help keep your hand comfortable and has a specific type of blade which helps to slip between oyster shells without breaking.

Not a bad little tool to keep on the boat or in the drawer for the next time that you decide to take on the challenge of shucking a bunch of oysters!


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How to Shuck Oysters: Advice from a World Record Champion