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Shooting from a Vehicle: Tips for Lefties [VIDEO]


In a world made for right handers, lefties have unique challenges. 

When it comes to self defense from a car, right handed shooters have it easy. The gun is easy to access and present towards the threat.

But for left handed shooters, they have unique issues. The gun can be pinned next to the car door and make it difficult to draw and present towards the threat to the side of the car.

In this video from the Personal Defense Network, Rob Pincus is joined by left handed Defensive Firearms Coach Stan Lee (no not Spiderman’s Stan Lee) to provide handgun shooting tips that cover how a left handed shooter draws a gun from their hip and engages a threat that is on the driver’s side of a car.


Rob points out that “The key to success is twisting the body in the seat so that the shooter can lean back from the window and get to an extended shooting position without driving the muzzle into a closed window or extending the gun outside of the car where it could be grabbed or struck.”

This is the same type of technique that a right handed shooter uses, but it can be a little awkward for a leftie.

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Shooting from a Vehicle: Tips for Lefties [VIDEO]