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Shark Catch-and-Release Video Sparks Internet Outrage


A beach fishing catch-and-release video has the Internet up in arms.

Fresh off the heels of video and photos of a baby dolphin that died after being passed around for selfies on a beach in Argentina, another video has the Internet up in arms early this week.

This time, it’s some beach fisherman landing and posing for some photos with a shark before releasing it back into the ocean.  The video, posted by journalist Ashleigh Walters, has generated hundreds of comments since it was posted Saturday.

Even though there are probably thousands of similar videos online, this one has really struck a nerve with people for some reason. Hundreds commented on the video, calling the actions of the fisherman cruel and calling the men names. Some were comments wishing they’d be bitten or eaten by the shark.

Some of the commentators are also apparently not aware beach fishing for sharks is legal. Numerous posts called for, or hoped, the fisherman would be arrested. And even more interestingly, negative comments were also directed at the tourists in the video who stopped to take pictures with their cell phones.

It didn’t seem to matter the shark survived the incident and was released. In many ways, the outrage mirrors similar anger over the shooting of Cecil the lion last summer.

In conclusion, it’s an unfortunate reminder of the negative opinions and stereotypes being thrown around about hunting and fishing these days.



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Shark Catch-and-Release Video Sparks Internet Outrage