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Seal Almost Swipes Silver Salmon from Fisherman’s Line

seal vs fisherman

It’s seal vs fisherman with a silver salmon prize!

There’s all sorts of ways you can lose your catch while out fishing. Losing it to a hungry seal looking for a quick meal isn’t a typical one.

Fortunately, this guy is able to save his catch with some quick thinking and a little bit of luck.

Seals are certainly opportunistic feeders and they seem to come in contact with fisherman more and more these days. Seeing the seal did have a hold of the fish for at least a short while, it’s pretty impressive this fisherman was able to get the fish in at all.

It’s also surprising the seal didn’t get foul-hooked by the lure in the process of trying to steal an easy meal.

While you definitely don’t want to be in this situation every day, it certainly makes for a memorable fishing encounter!

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Seal Almost Swipes Silver Salmon from Fisherman’s Line