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Scott Ellis Gives Tips on How to Pattern Your Shotgun

Failure to pattern your shotgun could cost you a big gobbler this spring.

Watch as three-time NWTF Grand National calling champion Scott Ellis, explains how he ensures that when his gun goes “BOOM,” the gobbler goes down.

Some of the most important things to remember when you pattern your shotgun are:

  • Use as many turkey loads and chokes as possible. Each gun shoots differently and finding what works best in your weapon will help you fill more tags.
  • Start close, then move far. Make sure your gun is shooting at your aiming point whether you use a bead, rifle sights, or scope. Move your target back to 40 yards and experiment with different loads and chokes. Using Shoot N See targets like the ones Scott is holding in the video will help you see exactly where your pattern is hitting.
  • Determine your maximum effective range by finding the distance at which your shotgun will consistently put 8-10 pellets in the skeletal region of a turkey’s head and neck.

After you pattern your shotgun, you’ll be ready to take down any gobbler that steps into range. Now it’s up to you to use calling, decoy placement, and woodsmanship to make that happen.



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Scott Ellis Gives Tips on How to Pattern Your Shotgun