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Sci-Fi Body Armor Now a Reality, But Will It Stop a Light Saber?


Why have plain ol’ body armor when you can have real, functional Boba Fett-style body armor? 

Every shooter and prepper just added this to their wish list.

Clearly copied from appearance of the Star Wars character Boba Fett, the “cool” level of tactical apparel and armor just went through the roof with Galac-Tac‘s new body armor design.

The AR500Armor booth at this year’s SHOT Show revealed what Cameron from TwangnBang calls THE product of the show. Galac-Tac’s new body armor and helmet is that product.

Check out this quick overview and tell me you’re not already picturing yourself wearing this.

TwangnBang reports that the armor is a collaboration several parties, including HK, Armasight, SOG, and AR500Armor, as well as some cosplay artists and enthusiasts.

The appearance and shell of the outfit is made from semi-rigid urethane, and you can purchase the unit that way if you wish. That would essentially make it simply a costume, without true NIJ (National Institute of Justice) approved bullet resistance.

But Galac-Tac does also offer the set with actual NIJ approved Level IIIA hybrid body armor bonded to the urethane panels.

As cool as the body armor looks, it’s really the helmet that solidifies its sci-fi look. An Armasight infrared or thermal gun-sight connects gun and helmet sight. The helmet gunsight transmits what it sees to an Iris monocle located on the outside of the eye safety shield of the helmet.

This allows the gunsight to be maneuvered around corners or over the top of obstructions while providing the wearer with an accurate sight picture of what’s ahead and in the gunsight, while avoiding bodily exposure to hostile fire.

That image can also be transmitted to other similarly clad wearers, so that teammates can share sight pictures. In addition, the helmet is equipped with a mic and headset for effective verbal communication between team members.

How awesomely cool is that?!

Upper body armor runs from $300-$325 and comes in four colors: O.D. Green, Coyote Tan, Flat Black and Flat Grey. Helmets start at $325 in matching colors. Galac-Tac also offers custom armor options, with prices varying according to order.

As you might imagine, Galac-Tac is flush with orders. They’re website indicates that they are backed up and that there will be an undisclosed wait to fill new orders until they get caught up.

Enough time to start dropping hints for next Christmas? You may not need real body armor that has you looking like Boba Fett, but you know you want it!



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Sci-Fi Body Armor Now a Reality, But Will It Stop a Light Saber?