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New World Record Bighorn Ram Found After Being Hit by Car [PICS]

All photos via Boone and Crocket Club

Boone and Crockett officials report that a found bighorn ram is the new world record.

Boone and Crockett officials have confirmed that a bighorn ram that was struck and killed by a vehicle in Alberta this winter is the new world record. The record bighorn was recovered by a local rancher familiar with the animal on his property. Recognizing the quality of the horns, the rancher acquired a possession permit from Alberta Fish and Wildlife before submitting the ram’s head to B&C for measurement and possible record book inclusion.

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The rancher commented in an interview, “This ram and a younger ram had lived on the ranch where I worked since 2009. The older ram would go down to the highway a couple times a month, but the younger ram would rarely follow. We always wondered if one of these trips to the highway would be his last.”

The ram was determined to be 14 years old and scored 209-4/8 B&C points, making it the largest ram on record, beating the previous world record score of 208-3/8 by a ram taken in 2000, also in Alberta. Alberta is noteworthy in that five of the top 10 B&C record rams have come out of the Canadian province.



Animals that qualify for B&C record book consideration but are not killed by hunters are called “pick up” trophies, and are considered an important part of recording and archiving big game species. Record “pick up” animals are not uncommon. Five separate species of big game currently occupy the top spots in the record books as “pick up” trophies: non-typical whitetail deer, tule elk, black bear, grizzly bear, and Pacific walrus.

Richard Hale, chairman of the Club’s Big Game Records Committee, confirms, “When your job is tracking conservation and wildlife management successes, a new World’s Record is noteworthy – whether or not it was taken by a hunter.”

Hale also noted that the new world record and other recent record book sheep are a testament to the success of modern bighorn sheep conservation methods.

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New World Record Bighorn Ram Found After Being Hit by Car [PICS]