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Rifle Trick Shots: Shooting Through Washers [VIDEO]


This is some impressive marksmanship as a trick shot artist tosses and shoots through washers with a Henry Rifle.

22Plinkster is a skilled trick shot artist who normally relies on a .22 rimfire to execute his feats of marksmanship. What makes these shots extra special is that he’s using, for the first time, a beautiful Henry Repeating Arms rifle in .357 Mag/.38 Special caliber.

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He tapes over the washer holes before taking his shots, proving that the bullet goes through the hole.


His first is off by just a hair, going through the hole but creasing the edge of the washer. His second shot is a perfect, punching a clean hole through the center of the washer. That’s some impressive shooting!

You can see more trick shots and shooting experiments on 22Plinkster’s YouTube channel.

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Rifle Trick Shots: Shooting Through Washers [VIDEO]