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Rifle Explodes and We All Hold Our Breath [VIDEO]

We always hear about it but rarely see it. Watch as a rifle explodes when a woman shoots it.

In this shocking video, a rifle virtually disintegrates in the hands of a woman shooting it. There’s not much information shared along with the clip, but we almost don’t need to know much more.

There appears to be a man shooting with her and  a video recorder, and we hope they were fine after this scary malfunction.

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What happened? There may have been an under loaded cartridge that upon firing, lodged its bullet in the barrel, and when the second bullet hit the first, the gun came apart.

A double charged cartridge, possibly an old army surplus round, may have acted like a pipe bomb, and tore that classic rifle apart. Whatever the cause, this is definitely a rare occasion but this is why eye protection is a must. Also, knowing how to recognize and avoid barrel obstructions is a huge benefit.

Stay safe out there on the range!

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Rifle Explodes and We All Hold Our Breath [VIDEO]