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Rexfly Casting System Kicks Fly Fishing up a Notch

The Rexfly casting system is a flat out marvel of fly fishing technology.

Very recently I was walking around the Indianapolis Boat Sport Sport and Travel Show looking for deals and checking out what’s new in the industry. When I got around the fly fishing area of the show, all of the usual suspects were there. However, there was one booth that stood out more so than the rest. A company named Rexfly demanded attention from everyone who walked by, so low and behold, they caught my attention as well.

As I got closer to the booth, I noticed Rex Huang, owner and inventor of the Rexfly casting system, demonstrating his product to a group of people all gathered around to watch. I don’t know what they were thinking, but as I watched, I saw a game changer in the fly fishing industry completely on display.

Here’ a video I made, with the assistance of Huang, showing off the Rexfly casting system in action.

The way the Rexfly Casting System works is fairly simple. Huang created a device that screws into the fly feel, which then attaches to the fly rod the same way the reel normally does. From there, the rod slips into the holder attached to a small vest worn around the chest. During, before, or after the cast, the reel can then be removed and fished with just the line and rod. It’s pretty incredible.

The difference lies in the balance and even more weightlessness of an already light fly rod in your hands. When Huang allowed me to use the system for a while in the pond next to him in the video, longer and more accurate casts were noticeable immediately.

Quite simply, this system will allow you to catch more fish and not wear your shoulder out in the process.

For the purist, this may not be down their alley, however, if they were given the same opportunity to fish with it as I did, I believe they would change their minds.

To find out how to purchase the Rexfly Casting System, just click here.



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Rexfly Casting System Kicks Fly Fishing up a Notch