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Can You Guess How Many Eastern Wild Turkeys Are in This New York Flock?

In some parts of New York, eastern wild turkeys are doing just fine and this video shows how well they can thrive during the winter.

This video posted by the NYS DEC shows a flock of over 50 wild turkeys near the town of Prattsville, N.Y. Even though the footage was taken in the month of February the birds can be seen pecking and scratching their way around an open field.

Since most of the winter weather in N.Y. has been fairly mild, even the gobblers are taking part by completely fanning out and starting an early session of “who’s in charge”

This will get you ready for the May 1st season opener.

While some folks in New York are seeing plenty of birds this year, others aren’t. Many of the deer hunting fraternity have reported seeing good numbers from their trees and blinds, but now aren’t seeing the same amount of birds.

At least in one section of the state, the eastern wild turkey is doing well. I recently observed a flock of birds near the town of Brockport, N.Y. numbering about 30, scratching their way through a cut corn field.

It’s all relative to where you are, but one thing is for certain: if you don’t get out there, you will definitely not see any eastern wild turkeys!


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Can You Guess How Many Eastern Wild Turkeys Are in This New York Flock?