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This Rat Hunting Video Will Absolutely Make Your Skin Crawl

rat hunting video

This rat hunting video was made by some guys cleaning out a gigantic rat infestation in a pile of trash.

How many rats do you think were in the massive garbage pile featured in this rat hunting video? Watch the video to find out. The answer will really creep you out.

Warning: This video is not for the faint of heart.

According to one of the workers present at the time this video was filmed, a staggering 1,603 rats were killed during the making of this rat hunting video and very few got away.

Just think, all of those rats were in the middle of a housing development and there were probably hundreds of people were living within yards of it.

This is another good example of the tasks a good hunting dog can accomplish. Though this rat hunting video was made earlier this year, dogs have been hunting rats for hundreds of years and those dogs were able to handle all those rats without too much trouble, all without the need for poison or traps.

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This Rat Hunting Video Will Absolutely Make Your Skin Crawl