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Video: Lynx Makes Terrifying Sounds

Check out this video captured by Swan Valley Connections showing a lynx making odd sounds.

We’ve all had those moments in the wild when we think we hear things. My brother once told me a mountain lion screamed at him late one evening in Oklahoma while he was skinning his muzzleloader buck. I made fun of him for that for a long time. Like a lot.

Here’s the video:

Canada lynx vocalization

Rare footage of a Canada lynx vocalizing in the wild! This footage was captured this winter as Swan Valley Connections, the Blackfoot Challenge, and the Forest Service work together to monitor rare carnivores for the Southwestern Crown Collaborative. BE SURE TO TURN VOLUME UP!

Posted by Swan Valley Connections on Wednesday, April 27, 2016

But after hearing the Lynx in the video, I thought back on all the times I dismissed an odd sound for the wind or my imagination.

Maybe it was a predator sizing me up. Maybe it was cat calling to his friends, “Hey, come look at what I found.”

Maybe I should call my brother and apologize. I think I’ll just send him this video instead.

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Video: Lynx Makes Terrifying Sounds