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How to Profit from the Woods [PICS]

Love to be in the woods? Why not let the woods help your wallet?

These seven tips will have you reaping rewards from your excursions into the woods.

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Shed Antlers

Every spring, animals in the Cervidae species (deer, moose, elk, and more) shed their antler growth of the year before. These antlers are then eagerly eaten by squirrels, mice and other mammals for the mineral nutrients. The key here is to get them before the animals gnaw on them and before other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts scoop them up. Now is the time to check the woods, fields and anywhere the animals have been over the winter. Antler collectors will pay handsomely for your finds, especially matching pairs.

Buck Manager



If trapping and hunting are your interest, pelts can turn you a good profit. Trap in the prime fur season, and properly stretch and dry them per fur buyer’s specifications. If you do everything right, you will get rewards from your trapping and hunting adventures afield.

Peter Palms


Skulls and Bones

There is indeed a market for skulls and bones of different animals. Proper cleaning and possible bleaching is required per what the buyer wants. Do a quick Internet search and you will find scientific and hobby craft buyers for your bone finds from the woods.

Benton County Museum



This highly-priced root is sought after in the Oriental medicinal market and fetches a hefty price. Obey all laws when harvesting it and make sure you put the seeds back for future ginseng growths. An Internet search will show buyers of ginseng or other herbs in your area.

Global Biodefense



Antique bottles, telephone insulators, glassware, and anything old found out in the woods has a value. The rarer antiques might go at auction for an obscene price. Bring a bag when hiking, especially in the spring in northern climates. The frost will push out bottles and other items above ground that were previously buried. A metal detector is great for the metallic treasures.

The hoard as it was found in the excavation.
Fox News


Scrap Metal

Scrap metal may be found in old dumps, homesteads, or logging operations long forgotten. Call your local scrap yard to get current prices before you haul that old car body out of the woods.

Concetta’s Closet


Mushrooms (Morels and Truffels)

Prices for mushrooms (such as morels and truffles) are quite amazing. Be certain to have all permits required in your state before you dig and be certain of the species. Many poisonous look-a-like mushrooms will kill human consumers.

Eckers Apple Farm


So get out in the woods and make some money! Treasures await you.


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How to Profit from the Woods [PICS]