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Pro Tip: How to Save Time When Shooting Steel [VIDEO]

Speed is the name of the game. So how can you move a little faster?

When shooting steel challenge, speed is the name of the game. The faster you can go, the better your score. But how can you shave off some of those extra seconds you don’t need?

Target transitions are where most people can shave precious seconds. This is time where you aren’t shooting, but gaining time on the clock, so you need to transition to the next target as fast as you can.

World Champ Speed Shooter Max Michel takes some time to talk about how to shave time between targets and the fastest way to transition from target to target across the course of fire.


I have tried this technique when shooting steel myself and it does work. I found I was able to shave a couple of seconds off my time the first time I tried it.

At first it feels awkward, but once you find the proper stance, using your legs to drive your gun from target to target really works well.

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Pro Tip: How to Save Time When Shooting Steel [VIDEO]