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Pro Bass Angler Ron Colby Speaks on Getting Sponsorships

Ron Colby gives tips on how you can professionalize your game as a pro bass angler when seeking sponsorships.

In the second part of his series, pro bass angler, Ron Colby, gives some extensive advice on how to go about gaining the support of sponsors as you work your way up the professional circuit.

There they are, some great insider tips from a pro bass angler and staff professional. What Ron Colby hammers home is the need to present yourself in a professional manner. Companies like the one he represents are continuously inundated with requests for gear and sponsorship requests.

To be effective you have to go at it like you would any job: build your resume and put forth a professional pitch to the company that makes you stand out from the crowd. As said before, the outdoor industry, like any other, is a highly professional business and the leaders look for the same traits in the up and comers.



Important Tips to Becoming a Pro Bass Angler from Ron Colby

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Pro Bass Angler Ron Colby Speaks on Getting Sponsorships