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Which Prespawn Patterns Will Win the 2016 Bassmaster Classic?

Just like 2013, these top prespawn patterns are going to put bass in the boat.

Back in 2013, the Bassmaster Classic rolled through the Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees with Cliff Pace being named the winner. As a matter of fact, he was the only person placing in the top five using a jig and fishing deeper. Mostly all other competitors were using some combination of jerkbaits and crankbaits in shallow water as their preferred choice of prespawn patterns.

Will these same patterns emerge again this time around? Read on and see what we think about it.

This time in 2016, the weather has been much warmer than the last time the Classic was held on the Grand. The bass will still be in their prespawns patterns, but a little later in the process. There is very little grass on the Grand so just that fact alone will isolate bass near rocks and docks while staying heavily focused on baitfish. Recent heavy rains still have the water very stained, and as any fisherman knows, this will play a major factor as well.


With the warmer weather, and the Classic being in March for a first time, bass will be a little more active and clustered up in shallower channels looking for warmth and to get things rolling with the spawn. For this reason, jerkbaits shine. They cover a lot of water and stay right in the strike zone. However, depending on water clarity, spinnerbaits and crankbaits will dominate where the old standard jerkbait just won’t get the job done.

Jigs will play more of a part this year in stained water. Competitors may focus more on isolated pockets of bass and pick areas apart. These pockets may be harder to find, but bass will be clustered up. In the right place at the right time, a man could load up a limit full of fatties pretty quickly.


With the long range forecast still having temperatures hovering in the low 60s, this could be a classic unlike others we have seen in the recent history. Of course, a massive cold front could still come through and shut everything down. If that is the case, finesse rigs will be everywhere, but if not, fisherman will find equal ground all over the lake to find fish.

One things for certain, this Classic is shaping up to be a good one.



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Which Prespawn Patterns Will Win the 2016 Bassmaster Classic?