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Are Those Bird Feet in This Pike’s Mouth Or What?

It’s just another day at the office when you clean a pike that has swallowed something unusual. Wait until you see what it is this time!

You can spend a lifetime watching what a pike will eat next that will surprise and stun you, but you usually don’t have to wait very long.

This time it has webbed feet, feathers, and it’s -go figure- way too big for the fish.

Caution: graphic footage of a pike being gutted.

Did I say that it was way too big for the fish because what’s way too big for a pike to attack? Like maybe a truck or a locomotive? No, they would try to eat one of those if it got too close.

It looks like a diving duck since the feet are so far back on the body, but it’s a little hard to tell. When you see the head come out of the pike it looks like in was still right in the fish’s throat. And feet first?

I highly doubt that these guys stuffed the waterfowl down the pike just to make a video, and by the way it looked like it had been swimming in the fish’s digestive juices for while.

Never doubt the ability of a northern pike to do something crazy like this!



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Are Those Bird Feet in This Pike’s Mouth Or What?