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Outdoor Term of the Week: Whisker Biscuit [VIDEO]

Morning Moss

No this is not a recipe. A whisker biscuit is an easy way to hold the arrow onto the bow; essentially an arrow rest. 

Do you always give your archery buddy a weird look when he says that he uses a whisker biscuit? I have no idea who named this product but it is basically an enclosed arrow rest for your bow.

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If you are just starting out bowhunting, you should think about adding a whisker biscuit to stabilize the arrow on the bow. A whisker biscuit can make a long-range shot even more accurate. It will also help accuracy if you are on the ground or attempting to maneuver a difficult shot. The whisker biscuit will keep the arrow on the bow without slipping.


Pigman endorses the whisker biscuit, so…

A whisker biscuit is basically a round hole that you fit the arrow into to keep it straight as you draw the bow. It was designed by two engineers, Steve Graf and Ike Branthwaite, in 1999 who shared a passion for hunting. They were the first to introduce the v-shape cut into the biscuit in order to easily slide the arrow into the hole rather than thread it through. Also, because the arrow was enclosed, the hunter could maneuver more easily, like scramble up a ridge, without the arrow slipping out.


The outdoor term every week is designed to make you a smarter sportsman or woman. Now you can go hang out in archery circles and know what they are talking about when the term “whisker biscuit” is used, rather than searching for good biscuit recipes.

You can thank us for saving you the embarrassment.

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Outdoor Term of the Week: Whisker Biscuit [VIDEO]