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Operator of the Day, July 10, 2015: Maine Trophy Hunters


If your perfect vacation consists of a trophy animal and Northeast wilderness, then Maine Trophy Hunters is the operator for you. 

Northern Maine is a pretty wild place. Our Operator of the Day today, Maine Trophy Hunters, spends countless hours conducting wildlife research in the Allagash Wilderness to ensure you a quality game of pursuit.

Your perfect trophy with Maine Trophy Hunters can be any animal from a northern buck, muskie, bull moose, to a black bear. Our Operator of the Day is there to guide you along the way.

There is lodging available for $195 per person per week. Go take a nice long stay with Maine Trophy Hunters and get that dream trophy you’ve been waiting for.

Maine Trophy Hunters

  • Location: Allagash, Maine
  • Species: Black Bear, Moose
  • Rates: $900-$3,4500 from a guided black bear hunt to a moose hunt
  • Contact: Book here or call 844-788-8833

Check out some pictures from clients of Maine Trophy Hunters.






For more information about Maine Trophy Hunters, click here



Operator of the Day, July 10, 2015: Maine Trophy Hunters