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Oklahoma Fisherman Believes He Hooked Woolly Mammoth Skull

McAlester News-Capital

Many anglers have accidentally snagged a piece of trash or a clump of algae, but one Oklahoma fisherman believes he’s reeled in the remains of a prehistoric beast.

Johnny Bray was seeking catfish during his time on the lake last week, but pulled in something much larger and possibly much older. His prize was a massive, well-worn object, weighing in at around 200 pounds and measuring about 30 by 32 inches. And if Bray is correct, it’s at least four thousand years old.

According to Bray, the object is what’s left of a woolly mammoth skull. He says the cavities in it give it the shape of a skull, and the mussel growth suggests it has spent considerable time under the water. He insists it’s not a piece of driftwood, saying he knows what bone looks and feels like.

After hooking the object, Bray spent 30 minutes wrestling it from beneath two feet of water and onto his four wheeler. When the object finally made its way to shore, he took a moment to snap a few pictures.

Bray is now storing the object in his garage, and plans to have an expert look at it. If it’s the extinct pachyderm’s skull or something more valuable than an old piece of wood, Bray plans to sell it.

If all goes to plan, he’ll have one mammoth of a fishing tale, and be one of the few anglers to have his catch be displayed in a museum.

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Oklahoma Fisherman Believes He Hooked Woolly Mammoth Skull