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Saving Money and Noise: The Oil Filter Firearm Suppressor [VIDEO]

Who knew someone could go to the local auto-parts store and pick up a suppressor? Here is how you can convert your traditional oil filter into a working firearm suppressor. 

Shooters understand the “cool factor” that comes with shooting a suppressed firearm. Yes, there is a need for some people to use a suppressor, but for the most part the cool factor is the reason the average shooter buys a suppressor. And given our internal need as guys to “be cool” and “find our inner MacGyver,” this video is sure to give you ideas.

“We’ve brought you various suppressors from time-to-time …and they are pretty cool. But we thought maybe we would help you out a little bit. We have a different method here in Tennessee,” says hickok45.


It is surprising how well this gadget actually works.

As was mentioned in the video this is not a way around the system. To own the conversion part (Econo-Can) you will need to have the tax stamp that goes along with all class-three items. In the eyes of the law this is viewed as a traditional suppressor even if it was design for your truck.

With that said, it is an inexpensive way to silence your firearms for the zombie apocalypse.

Saving Money and Noise: The Oil Filter Firearm Suppressor [VIDEO]