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Octopus Attack Happens with Shocking Speed [VIDEO]

octopus attack

You won’t believe how fast this octopus attack happens on an unsuspecting crab.

Don’t blink. Seriously, don’t blink while watching this video or else you will miss it. The action happens that fast. Resist the temptation to glance down at the time elapsed on the video and just keep your eyes on the crab. The person filming this octopus attack even takes several seconds to realize what happened.


The crab is just grabbing some rays near a small tidal pool that appears empty. Nothing indicates that an octopus attack was about to go down. That is exactly what the octopus wanted. The eight-tentacled creature of the deep (or in this case not so deep) shoots out of the water with incredible speed towards the crab. The crab didn’t stand a chance during this octopus attack.

After grabbing the crab, the octopus makes like a Hollywood alien movie and uses its tentacles to find its way back into its hiding spot. Despite being smaller in size, this octopus shows just how efficient of a predator it is. Not even being out of the water helped this crab avoid a deadly octopus attack.

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Octopus Attack Happens with Shocking Speed [VIDEO]