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Do NOT Shoot the World’s Most Powerful Air Rifle in Your Basement

The Airforce Texan air rifle definitely blurs the line between what we typically think of as an air rifle and an actual deer hunting rifle.

This ain’t your childhood Daisy Red Ryder pellet gun, that’s for sure! The Airforce Texan Air Rifle is a big bore, .45 caliber, PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) rifle. It shoots a slug with around the same power as a .45 centerfire cartridge.

Warning: you can do considerably more than “shoot your eye out” with this air rifle. It is a lethal weapon in every sense of the term. Unlike those basement air rifle or pellet gun ranges a lot of us had when we were kids, shooting the Texan in your basement just might bring the house down around you.

Take a look at these two videos to get an idea of just how wicked this air rifle is.

The video below offers a more extensive, detailed range review of the Airforce Texan. Eric from Moss Pawn & Guns looks at ballistics, velocity, knock-down power, distance and so on.

If you’re not real familiar with the latest technological advances in air-powered or pneumatic rifles in recent years, you will come away from this review with a whole new appreciation and respect for what these weapons can do.

“This is a serious air rifle, that is intended for hunting purposes,” he declares. “So guys, you’ve got an air rifle that can kill a deer. I don’t any other cool way to put it than that.”

It’s a heckuva fun review of the Texan, with plenty of serious performance stats of the rifle combined with a lot of giddy fun shooting – and exploding – of soda bottles, whipped cream canisters, watermelons and spray paint cans. Massive fireballs rule!

Before turning some spray paint cans into balls of flame, Eric laughingly asks, “I don’t know what it is, but it just seems that when I get behind an air rifle, it makes me want to do things that, uh, I knew I would get punished for growing up as a kid. Is that normal? We’re just going to say it’s normal.”

Yeah, I’d say that’s the kind of fun that no one grows out of.

I’m betting that you want an Airforce Texan Air Rifle as badly as I want one now.

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Do NOT Shoot the World’s Most Powerful Air Rifle in Your Basement