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Non-Typical Michigan Buck Teases Bowhunter

michigan non-typical buck

This double-main beamed stud is oh so close, yet so far…

My buddy Tyler Ridenour named this non-typical Michigan buck “Cab and a Half” because of its second main beam.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t think he was lying about the deer but I thought perhaps he was getting a case of the “big eye” when sharing his stories with me of seeing the deer.

Then I saw this footage.

I almost felt bad for Tyler watching that bruiser make a scrape and cruise along just out of range. And, yes, I did feel bad about doubting his stories about the giant buck with double main beams running around his area. I’d love to say the story had a happy ending and he later tagged the buck. But this was the last sighting of the deer. What happened to it is anyone’s guess.



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Non-Typical Michigan Buck Teases Bowhunter