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New Body Worlds Exhibit Includes Elephant, Gorilla and Shark [PICS]

Check out these stunning plastinated bodies from the animal kingdom, part of the latest Body Worlds display.


Body Worlds: Animal Inside Out is the latest exhibit from infamous plastinator Dr. Gunther von Hagens and curator Dr. Angelina Whalley, displaying the inner body makeup of several animals. Being dubbed an “anatomical safari,” the display debuted at the Ambassador Theatre in Dublin, Ireland.

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Despite opposition from some groups who feel the displays are disrespectful, Body Worlds continues to be a popular exhibit, having attracted upwards of 29 million visitors around the globe since it started in 1995. The current version was created in cooperation with veterinary programs and zoos, and none of the animals were hurt or killed in the process.

Check out the slideshow to see more of the exhibit.

Samba the elephant is the largest animal to ever be plastinated, weighing in at an incredible 3.2 tons.

“Body World: Animal Inside Out” also features a full grown gorilla next to its human cousin.

This shark was plastinated in full, with other specimens shown slices or portions of their bodies.

This horse is one of nearly 100 animals that make up the exhibit.

Blood vessels and veins are shown in the plastinated chicken on display.

“Body Worlds: Animal Inside Out” may be making a stop at a museum near you. Will you check it out?

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New Body Worlds Exhibit Includes Elephant, Gorilla and Shark [PICS]