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Mullet Uses Fish Slap to Live Another Day [VIDEO]

Maybe the mullet objected to being caught…

Maybe it had an issue with being named after a bad 80s hairstyle—or the people who still have that haircut.

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Whatever the reason, the mullet in this video wasn’t going to become dinner without a fight.


Mullet (the fish, not the bad haircut) have been an important food source since Rome was still an empire. This video proves, however, that the fish don’t give up without some sort of fight.

On one hand, I feel bad for the young fisherman. The excitement of catching a good-sized fish is written all over his face.

On the other hand, he learns a valuable life lesson: fish are jerks.

No! I’m kidding! The lesson is: Don’t think that you’ve caught the fish until you have it secured. That, and don’t hold a flapping fish too close to your face.

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Mullet Uses Fish Slap to Live Another Day [VIDEO]