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Mountain Dew Duck Call Super Bowl Commercial Spotlights Duck Hunting [VIDEO]

Image source: YouTube

The sport of duck hunting got the mainstream spotlight during last night’s Super Bowl with a Mountain Dew duck call commercial that featured Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The Mountain Dew duck call commercial, titled “The Dale Call,” opens with two duck hunters sitting in a duck blind by a pond. One of the hunters blows his duck call with no success, while the hunter next to him pulls out a tricked-out duck call, which summons none other than NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.

He comes ripping through the field near the pond in his race car, chasing scores of ducks out onto the water. Here’s the commercial in its entirety:

We’re glad to see duck hunters featured during a Super Bowl commercial, considering that most of the nation was probably watching. With the success and popularity of “Duck Dynasty,” duck hunting and outdoorsmen culture is starting to get more and more attention in the mainstream media.

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