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Mossy Oak Bottomland Camouflage Making a Return

Mossy Oak

Mossy Oak’s original camouflage, Bottomland, is making a return among those wanting to blend in this turkey season.

Growing up in Mississippi, I recall when Mossy Oak first hit the shelves at my local sporting goods store. It was like no other camouflage I had ever seen. Various shades of browns were mixed perfectly with hints of black and green. Mossy Oak called it “Bottomland.” Hunters simply called it “awesome.”

The aptly-named camouflage allowed hunters to virtually disappear against the backdrop commonly found during turkey season in the south. I grew up hunting the river bottoms in Mississippi, and this was as close to the natural surroundings as you would find.

Now, outdoorsmen are returning to the camouflage pattern that was the root for the Mossy Oak brand.

“The fastest growing thing right now is our Mossy Oak Bottomland,” Toxey Haas, Mossy Oak founder, told me in a recent phone call. “The original pattern, it is growing again with people just reaching back to the origins of the brand.”

Turkey hunting, that is our roots, is the sport where camouflage will make the biggest difference. It is amazing to see how many people will wear Bottomland today. That’s pretty much what I’ll have on.

The signature pattern for Mossy Oak launched and remains the heart of the company’s brand.

“Like any other category, it grows and changes, but the biggest thing is everybody gets into the camo business thinking it is about the camo. But this is really just the representation of our brand,” Haas told me.

“Yes, we go through ridiculous minutia in developing a pattern, but that’s nothing when compared to it being the representation of our brand. And right now we have 30-year history behind that.”

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Mossy Oak Bottomland Camouflage Making a Return