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Moose Calf Born in Volvo After Pregnant Mother is Hit in Sweden

Believe that headline: a moose calf was found in a Volvo after it collided with its mother.

According to The Local, pro skier Jesper Modin was driving home in northern Sweden back in May 2014, when the sun’s glare took his eyes off the road.

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Next thing he knew, Modin collided with a large moose, which is commonly referred to as an “elk” in parts of Europe and Scandinavia.

“It smashed into the windscreen and went tumbling over the roof,” he said. “I was completely covered in glass and the elk’s innards.”

Despite being covered in blood and guts, Modin only suffered a small cut on his hand. A tow truck took his destroyed Volvo away, and as Modin reentered his car to grab a few things from the glove compartment, he was shocked to see a live moose calf inside.

“To my surprise, there was a little elk laying there… alive,” he recalled. “The umbilical cord was still attached. I was so shocked that I slammed the door again. I thought, did I really see what I think I saw?”

When the pregnant moose collided with the car, her innards were expelled into it, including the unborn calf.

Unfortunately the story doesn’t end as pleasant as we would hope, as a wildlife expert who was called in made the tough decision to euthanize the calf, as it would be nearly impossible for it to survive without its mother.

That’s the kind of car and wildlife collision story that’s almost too unbelievable.

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Moose Calf Born in Volvo After Pregnant Mother is Hit in Sweden