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Minnesota Outdoors Bracket: Who’s the Champ? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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In the spirit of the March NCAA tournament madness, what picks would your bracket have when it comes to the great outdoors?

That’s exactly what we were wondering too. Bracketology has a hunting and fishing twist in this infographic designed for Minnesota.

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These match-ups are based off of several factors among Minnesotan hunters and anglers. The criteria include popularity to pursue, success rates, etc.

Check it out below and see how your bracket stacks up. Do you agree with the tournament champ?


Were you surprised by the outcome? It makes sense when you consider how accessible panfish are to the public. Nearly anyone in the state of Minnesota can find a waterbody near their home and catch sunnies or crappies.

If you’re hardcore, you could create your own outdoors bracket and decide what species would win. If you have kids, it could be a cool and informational learning opportunity. Get creative and pit a whitetail deer’s adaptations against the cunning intelligence of a coyote.

Have fun with it!

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Minnesota Outdoors Bracket: Who’s the Champ? [INFOGRAPHIC]