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Mini Ponies Save This Couple from a Wild Boar Attack [VIDEO]

Wild boar can be frightening. Good thing these mini ponies were there to save the day.

The video opens as a French couple remarks on a wild boar running up the street. I don’t speak French but they seem to be watching the boar with awe as it comes up the country road, wondering where it was going. And then the wild pig runs into a barbed wire fence and it really pisses him off.

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The boar starts to charge the couple, looking for something to let his aggression out on. Can you guess who comes to their rescue?


The boar seems to be trying to find an opening in the fence to get through. Maybe he blamed the Frenchies for the barbed fence but he proceeded to charge. I’m not sure if either of the couple actually got gored but they were definitely startled. I think the boar finally gets through the fence and that is when the little ponies chase it off.

The Shetland ponies were right at the fence when the boar charges.

Look at those proud stallions after they save the day.

I do understand that much: “Incroyable!”

That was incredible.

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Mini Ponies Save This Couple from a Wild Boar Attack [VIDEO]