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Meet Smiley, the 20-year-old Mule Deer [VIDEO]

smiley, the 20-year-old mule deer
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Smiley, the 20-year-old mule deer is finally reunited with Jeff the Nature Guy, and it looks like they have missed each other.

Jeff the Nature Guy has returned to the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary to visit his favorite animal, Smiley, the 20-year-old Mule Deer.

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Jeff takes a couple of minutes to quickly tell us all about Smiley and about mule deer in general.


There is some awesome information in there about how to quickly tell the difference between a mule deer and a whitetail deer, something that some hunters have a hard time doing at first glance. This video is a great refresher for anyone wanting to know about deer, and is a great resource for introducing a new species to a young hunter.

Smiley doesn’t have his antlers in the video, but I have to wonder what a set of antlers that old would look like…

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Meet Smiley, the 20-year-old Mule Deer [VIDEO]