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Massive Mako Shark Caught in Florida [VIDEO]

Was it beginner’s luck, a great guide or savvy angling? Watch the video and learn how a first time shark angler landed a monster in Florida.

With the help of guide Matthew Pemberton of Off the Beach Shark Fishing, northerner, Douglas Harlan, reeled in the fish of a lifetime on his first venture shark fishing in Panama City Beach, Fl.

The Mako measured every bit of 10 feet long and weighed in around 600 pounds. Harlan said he’d be happy with a shark a foot long on his first trip; can you imagine his surprise and delight when he snagged this monster?

This is the second massive shark to be pulled in just off the coast of Panama City Beach. Recently, an angler landed a great white that was  just shy of 10 feet.   I wonder if Richard Dreyfuss and Roy Scheider are ready to film another Jaws movie? They might have to make the setting be in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Officials report that swimming is safe, however.  Much like the great white, this impressive mako was caught a few hundred feet from the shore.

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Some of us fish a lifetime, hoping and dreaming to reel in a trophy. Douglas Harlan has added his name to the list of anglers fortunate enough to bring in a fish that is worthy of stories for years to come. Congratulations, Douglas!

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Massive Mako Shark Caught in Florida [VIDEO]