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The Massive .45-70 Handgun is More Than Impressive [VIDEO]

Is this .45-70 the biggest handgun in the world?

Step aside S&W .500 fanboys, the big gun is in town.

The .45-70 Government is a high powered rifle round that has been around since the 1800s. I can personally attest to the immense power of this rifle round in a revolver platform thanks to a customer of mine when I was working at a gun range.

This bullet is no joke, and World Champion shooter Jerry Miculek holds it together better than anyone I’ve ever seen. I guess that’s why he’s a world champion.

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The raw power of this round is unmistakable and dwarfs anything else in the handgun form factor. What other monstrosities will they think of next?

The Massive .45-70 Handgun is More Than Impressive [VIDEO]