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Marten Hunts Down Hare in an Epic Chase Sequence

A sight seldom seen, this incredible footage shows the predator and prey relationship at its finest. Choose an animal to cheer on—and watch the thrilling chase unfold!

James and Theresa MacLeod Loon set off for town in Mistissini, Quebec, on a cold, snowy morning earlier this month. What they came across as they traversed a snow-covered road is a sight seldom ever seen.

As the video begins, we see a marten in hot pursuit of a snowshoe hare. A favorite prey item of the martenespecially during the winterthe snowshoe hare is larger in size and has the advantage of snowshoe-shaped feet to easily travel across deep snow. But this chase takes place on a cleared road, giving the marten a definite edge.

Marten’s are agile and full of energy, and as you’ll see, have endurance on their side.

If only the hare had leaped off the snow-packed road sooner, it may just have lived to see another day.

This video finely demonstrates the life and death struggles that occur in nature every day. It is an “eat or be eaten” existence. And one that isn’t always cute or pretty.

Who were you rooting for?


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Marten Hunts Down Hare in an Epic Chase Sequence