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Mangled Tiger Shark Caught in Boat Propellor off Florida Keys

Miami Herald

When two fishermen in Florida felt a bump under their boat, they thought it might have been a shark. 

On January 14, Dave Kampo and Capt. Willy O’Connell headed out to the saltwater paradise that is the Florida Keys near the Seven Mile Bridge expecting to catch just ballyhoo. However, what they found after docking was the biggest catch and surprise yet.

The estimated 350-pound tiger shark was mangled and tangled around the one of the boat’s engine propellors. Kampo told the Miami Herald, “We thought we had hit a shark because of the blood in the water but we had no idea…It damaged the engine and we limped back home on one engine.”


When they docked the boat and raised the vessel, the two men got the surprise of their lives. Kampo noted that in all of his years coming to the Keys, he had never seen a shark tangled in a boat propellor before.

This is a rare sight, indeed, however, but sightings of tiger sharks are on the rise as the population has been rebounding since 2012. In 2015, “2,835 sharks [were tagged] compared to 1,831 in 2012.”

Have you ever seen such a sight? What would you have done if you thought you had hit a shark?

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Mangled Tiger Shark Caught in Boat Propellor off Florida Keys