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Man Versus Sea: South Africa’s Shark Spotters [VIDEO]

These Shark Spotters save countless lives by alerting the public to great white sharks in the area.

The beaches of Cape Town, South Africa, are well watched thanks to Monwabisi “Monwa” Sikweyiya. Over the last eight years, he has spent his days keeping watch over the beaches on the look out for great white sharks.

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Great whites have always fascinated a variety of people. These beaches are one of the best places on earth watch them in the wild from the safety of a cage.

Their main diet is penguins and seals – many of which call this beach home. The waves at this beach tempt avid surfers, but you would risk your life if you went out to catch a wave. This group of “Shark Spotters” was founded after a sever shark attack in 2006. The surfer lost his leg during the attack and thus where the spark for action began.

Here’s an interview with Sikweyiya from a few years ago.


The Shark Spotters alert lifeguards at the beach if they see one. A red flag is raised to alert the public that a shark is nearby. A black flag indicates that the water conditions are prime for sharks and a white flag indicates the water is relatively safe to enter.

To date, they have alerted the public to 1,500 sharks. While the job can be boring, some spotters can see multiple great whites in a day.

Sikweyiya doesn’t go in the water anymore because he’s seen what lurks there. Ignorance is bliss for surfers in this case.

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Man Versus Sea: South Africa’s Shark Spotters [VIDEO]