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How to Make Game Bird Gumbo [VIDEO]

Terril Herbert

Gumbo is universally known as a seafood dish, but stocking your roux with game birds really kicks things up a notch.

Using game bird in your gumbo is another way for you to enjoy the fruits of your hunt, regardless of what game birds you might have bagged. Gumbo-making is an art, so take out your notepad and break out the pots.

This is how I make game bird gumbo:

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Since I grew up in a Cajun family, gumbo night was always my favorite time of the week. While chicken and seafood gumbos are the norm, the best I have had are game bird gumbos.

Pheasant, goose, duck, quail, dove and turkey gumbos really bring my favorite dish to its pinnacle.


How to Make Game Bird Gumbo [VIDEO]