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Listen to This 911 Call of a Woman Attacked by a Lynx [VIDEO]


Some cats just don’t want to be touched. This is what it sounds like to be attacked by a lynx.

A woman was recently attacked by a lynx in the northern downtown section of Atlanta. Rachel Hightower was helping a friend take care of some large exotic pets when the incident occurred.

“On her own judgement, against protocol, she went into one of the cages for whatever reason,” said David Laws, the caretaker of the animal.

According to the original news report, she received several wounds to her head from where the lynx attacked her.

Listen to the 911 call, in which Hightower’s friend, who was with her when the incident occurred, explains everything to the operator.

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Just add this to the long list of reasons why I’m a dog man.

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Listen to This 911 Call of a Woman Attacked by a Lynx [VIDEO]