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Life in Blue’s New Video, ‘Sea of Monsters,’ Delivers the Goods [VIDEO]

“Sea of Monsters” is Life in Blue’s latest video and it is incredible. 

This young group of free divers based out of Fort Lauderdale has just put together another fantastic video entitled “Sea of Monsters.” They’ve been spearfishing in the Bahamas, and this footage shows the action and aftermath of the African pompano Greyson Dixon harvested. The fish was deemed ounces shy of a world record after sitting a little too long on ice before they could reach certified scales.

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The video starts out in Life in Blue fashion, with divers dropping in over huge sharks with an epic soundtrack pumping. Then there are short clips showing the divers as they stalk the fish. Finally the music reaches a climax and the kill shots follow.


These young men have a flair for the dramatic, and an eye for secretive fish hiding in underwater crevices and caves along coral reefs. Rainy Days, their boat, always floats above them with a few pairs of watchful eyes keeping tabs on the young men.

Life in Blue’s videos depict a hidden underwater world in a creative and exciting style. The fish they target are beautiful and big, and sometimes take multiple shots to subdue. However, the young men quickly dispatch the fish with their knives. Among the many species they target are amberjacks, pompano, grouper, snapper and lobster.

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There was a bit of doubt after the first photographs of Greyson’s African pompano began to surface on Facebook a short while back. Even the teen’s mother wondered if something was up as the photos looked odd.

But she and the rest of the group’s followers were soon assured of the authenticity of the catch when this video surfaced. The footage is undeniable and there are even segments showing Greyson holding the fish for photographs in front of the Bimini Big Game Club.

Keep your eyes on these guys. Life in Blue has some amazing videos.

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Life in Blue’s New Video, ‘Sea of Monsters,’ Delivers the Goods [VIDEO]