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Lehigh Ammo Releasing Serious Firepower for 2016


Lehigh has some unique ammo for 2016.

Lighter projectiles are the focus this year.

Weight reduction is helping the ammunition for pistols fly straighter. Take notice of the Cavitator.

The Extreme Cavitator is featured for smaller caliber type pistols. Promising 13 inches of penetration out of a 50 grain bullet is pretty awesome.

The Extreme Defense is a great new addition. It features some wait reducing to the front, and also the base of the projectile. These additions allow the bullet to fly straighter and keep all of its energy.

The Copper Controlled Chaos is very attractive especially for those people running SBR 300blk pistols. The Copper Controlled Chaos, flies around 1800 fps, and has some wicked fragmenting pedals to devastate the target.

So much is still coming out of the 2016 Shot Show. Looking forward to more videos from the crew at IV8888.


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Lehigh Ammo Releasing Serious Firepower for 2016