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Learn Turkey Man Eddie Salter’s Turkey Calling Secrets

When Eddie Salter calls, turkeys listen; when he talks, hunters should listen, too.

Watch as Eddie Salter walks you through a hypothetical morning in the turkey woods and shows you exactly what calls to make to bring that trophy tom into gun range.

Along with being a two-time world champion turkey caller, Eddie Salter has spent a lot of time in the turkey woods. On this simulated hunt, he’s walked us through the basics of how to kill a turkey. Let’s review what this turkey expert deems the textbook hunt.

  1. Locate a turkey and set up close, then make some soft tree calls in response to his gobbling, being careful not to overcall or call too aggressively and hang the bird up on the roost.
  2. Listen for the sound of the gobbler flying down, then make a short fly-down cackle to let him know that you are still in the area. Once again, be careful not to over-do it with this call.
  3. Once the gobbler has hit the ground, Eddie Salter likes to hit him with some excited hen calls, mixing yelps and cutts to add realism and get the gobbler fired up. At this point, the gobbler may be coming, so be ready.
  4. If the gobbler fails to appear after several minutes or shows up and stalls out of range, some soft yelps, clucks, and scratching in the leaves (if the bird is out of sight) could bring him in the rest of the way.

If you’ve never hunted spring gobblers, give it a try this spring and use Eddie Salter’s tips to help you on your first hunts.

Once you’ve become a full-fledged turkey addict, you’ll learn that things aren’t always this simple, but persistent hunting and constant learning from your experiences in the turkey woods will transform you into a turkey man (or woman) just like Eddie Salter.

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Learn Turkey Man Eddie Salter’s Turkey Calling Secrets