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Learn How to Make a Grill That Fits in Your Back Pocket

All photos via Instructables

The pocket grill is perfect for the backcountry. 

Here are Instructable directions by  to make your very own, portable grill that is perfect to slip into your pack for your next backcountry trip.

The materials are easy to acquire and this DIY project is better than most portable grills you can buy.

Tools to Start With:

  • Hacksaw (or at least the blade)
  • Cutting pliers
  • Drill and bit
  • Utility knife
  • File (or sandpaper)
  • Ruler

Find, or buy, two pieces of metallic pipe. The Instructables author used copper pipes he had around the house that were 3/4 and 5/8 inches. Make sure one pipe fits into the other and that you have tube caps to go with the pipes.

You are also going to need a handful of bicycle spokes. If you don’t have an old bike tire in the garage try visiting a bike shop and asking if you can have some broken spokes.

You are making a rectangular grill so you will cut all the spokes the same length.


The author cut his copper tubes 20 cm long.


Next, you’ll need to mark and drill the little holes for the spokes. (This depends on how big you want your grill and how many bicycle spokes you have.)

Make sure you bend two of the spokes 90 degrees at the end to hook them into the pipes. So, leave two of the spokes longer than the rest to allow for bending.


Now, assemble the grill. Use the little metal nipple to secure the top and bottom grill spokes.


When you disassemble the grill, everything fits into the biggest copper pipe. Use the copper tube tops to secure your disassembled grill.


Congratulations, you made yourself a grill! And it fits into your pocket!



All photos via Instructables

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Learn How to Make a Grill That Fits in Your Back Pocket