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Learn About Shotkam, the Gun Camera That Records Each Shot

The ShotKam gun camera is designed to capture what you see right before, during, and after the shot. Here’s what it looks like in action.

Technology is at its best when it helps us achieve a goal. Correct shot placement can now be made even easier with the advent of the Shotkam gun camera system.

Their website says that the “ShotKam is a gun camera which automatically records a video of each shot. It is uniquely designed to capture only the critical time before, during, and after the shot”

Here’s a great look at this system in the field.

While this camera system won’t aim the gun for you, it will show you where you are in terms of hits and misses, whether in front of the target or behind. With lead and follow-through being the obvious difficulties for many hunters, especially beginners, a few looks at video taken in this way could go a long way toward future success.

ShotKam says that “the on-screen reticle (point of aim/ red dot) provides a visual understanding of the process in shooting whereby a moving target must be led in order for the pellets to arrive on target. The video aids the shooter by allowing the hold-point, move-to-the-target, break-point, and follow-through to be studied” It is also WiFi-capable for use right in the field.

After watching this video it’s obvious that this system helped these great-shooting hunters out! Gamebirds everywhere are trembling.


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Learn About Shotkam, the Gun Camera That Records Each Shot