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Komodo Dragon vs. Water Buffalo in Life and Death Struggle [VIDEO]


A secret weapon and patience help a komodo dragon kill a buffalo outweighing it by 1,500 pounds.

Buffalo clearly outmatch the komodo in every physical category.

Yet komodo dragons have a weapon that even the mighty buffalo can’t overcome.

Anyone who ever watched the old “Jonny Quest” Saturday morning cartoon will confirm that the komodo dragon is a true monster.

Unarguably the most dangerously fearsome giant lizard in the world, the komodo dragon – or komodo monitor lizard – has a mouth full of 60 serrated teeth, can grow to lengths of 10 feet and weigh up to 200 pounds. The komodo is one very bad dude.

Water buffalo are also recognized as one of the most dangerous of the big game bovids. With body weights approaching more than a ton, sharply pointed horns five feet across, more muscle mass than a dozen WWF wrestling superstars and a generally irritable disposition, water buffalo are serious brutes.

This encounter between two fearsome beasts is the definition of drama. It is, in my opinion, one of the most dramatic and operatic examples of the circle of life and death in all of nature.

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Komodo Dragon vs. Water Buffalo in Life and Death Struggle [VIDEO]