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Kevin VanDam Demonstrates Spring Finesse Baits [VIDEO]

Kevin VanDam has earned over $5.66 million dollars in bass fishing tournaments. Listen up.

Here are some tips on using finesse lures in the spring.

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Here’s a recap of Kevin VanDam’s tips.

Find the Fish

Bass will be grouped up in the springtime. When you start catching fish, slow down and start working them with some different presentations.

Change It Up

Try different lures and presentations until you find what the fish want. Once you’ve discovered the secret “bait of the day” you’ll have no trouble filling your livewell.

Use a Dropshot Rig

By placing the sinker below the bait, you guarantee constant motion. Kevin VanDam recommends using a tungsten sinker for better feel and a swivel to avoid twisted line.

Follow Kevin VanDam’s advice this spring and catch more fish.

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Kevin VanDam Demonstrates Spring Finesse Baits [VIDEO]