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Kentucky Hiker Sets Out to Trek the Appalachians to Fight Cancer

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Caleb Payne from Kentucky is hiking the Appalachians to fight cancer.

On March 15, Caleb Payne of Louisville, Kentucky will set out on a special hike across the Appalachian Trail. This journey will take him seven months across 14 states.

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Caleb is a cancer survivor. In 2011 he was diagnosed with colon cancer, and given less than two years to live. This coming right after the death of one of his daughters.

After promising his other children he would do his best to fight the cancer, he beat it in October of 2013. He endured years of radiation treatments, chemotherapy, and a final colorectal surgery to remove half his colon before being diagnosed cancer free.

The hiker chose to do this because of the way the nature has helped him heal.

“I feel a healing out in the wilderness,” Caleb said. “It has helped me.”

Caleb will start in Amicolola, Georgia and end in Stacyville, Maine. He hopes to arrive there sometime in September.

The retired firefighter/wilderness EMT will be stopping at various radio stations, news stations, and more along to way to spread the word about the Colon Cancer Prevention Project. His goal is to raise $13,000 from his hike to help others in Kentucky who have been diagnosed in the last five years.

He will film his endeavor, as well as write blog posts along the way. You can follow his journey or make a donation on his website.


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Kentucky Hiker Sets Out to Trek the Appalachians to Fight Cancer